The How-To: Building A Successful Family Business
Family Businesses

The How-To: Building A Successful Family Business

Your family business is what you inherited or created, it is also what you aspire into building further, and carrying it forward for the generations to come.

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Your Accountability Buddy Can Help With Work (And Play)

We often talk about accountability buddies when we talk about setting goals for everything from our fitness to our businesses- why not for our work-life balance as well?

It's Time To Push Back Against Distraction

Indistractable author Nir Eyal on how to stand up against an onslaught of connectivity.

Kuwait's Savour Ventures Is On A Mission To Help Food Startups Get Access To Funding And Support

If you've got an idea for F&B startup, Savour Ventures, the first food vertical accelerator in the Middle East, is one you should consider joining.
Seed Funding

We Got Funded: Food To Go To Expand Its Cloud Kitchen Concept Across The UAE

Founded by Elie Haber, Johnny Khazzoum, and Tony Abou Mrad in January 2019, Food To Go offers technology-driven restaurant operations to franchisers and food outlets, helping them sustain quality amid today's increasing restaurant operational costs.

Dubai Startup Hub

Dubai Startup Hub's Startup Panorama Edition 6.0: Cultural Diversity In Entrepreneurship

It features the stories of how individuals from different countries and cultures, including the local population, built their businesses together by tapping in to the strength of their diverse backgrounds.

Smart Dubai's Dubai Pulse Platform Lets Startups Take The Lead With Data

For any entrepreneur wanting to change the game, data is the topmost indicator of potential startup success.

Waking Up To The Future Of Banking: UAE Fintech Startups Take On The Challenge Of Financial Inclusion

Entrepreneurs in the UAE highlight banking services, and in particular the obstacles to opening a bank account, as their number 1 challenge according to entrepreneurship advocacy white paper released by Dubai Chamber and Roland Berger in 2018.

New Delhi-Based ShipsKart and Bangalore-based Loktra Declared Winners Of The Dubai Startup Hub Roadshow In India

Two innovative startups from India have won free office space and company set-up support in Dubai at a pitch competition during the first ever Dubai Startup Hub Roadshow hosted in India at Delhi and Bangalore.


Kuwait's Savour Ventures Is On A Mission To Help Food Startups Get Access To Funding And Support

If you've got an idea for F&B startup, Savour Ventures, the first food vertical accelerator in the Middle East, is one you should consider joining.

Edtech Startup Baims Wants To Make Learning Easier For Kuwait's High School And University Students

As online learning continues to rise, Baims wants to make its mark in Kuwait's edtech space as well.

Line Company Wants To Help Kuwait's Entrepreneurs From Set-Up To Launch

Seeking to support Kuwait's aspiring entrepreneurs from start to launch stage, the company's services include branding, digital marketing, web and application development, and more.

Kuwait's Holistic Development And Consulting Helps Entrepreneurs Understand Risk Management

The startup aims to help entrepreneurs to be aware of the importance of risk management and how investment decisions should be assessed.

News & Trends

'Fortnite' Chapter 2 Is the Fresh Start the Game Needed

After 48 hours offline, Epic Games released its reboot of their insanely popular battle royale. So, is it any good?

Disney Is Tweeting Everything That's Coming to Disney+

The company posted a scroll-worthy thread, which included 'basically everything' to appear on the upcoming streaming service.

WeWork Says Thousands of Its Phone Booths Could Have Dangerous Levels of Formaldehyde After People Complained About Odor and Eye Irritation

The company warned tenants that many of the offices' phone booths were being removed due to 'potentially elevated levels of formaldehyde.'

Starting a Business

How to Choose Your Niche to Be a Successful Photographer

With almost two dozen specialties to choose from, here's exactly what you need to know to narrow your focus and create a successful photography business.

Why Your Plan B is Better Than Plan A

Are you willing to adapt your initial plans to fit new situations?

The Perfect Business Model Is The Tailored Business Model

The secret to my success is a tailored business model.

Why Starting a Business Late in Life May Be Smarter Than Starting Early

If you want to achieve your dreams, never give up.

Growth Strategies

A Doctor's Guide to Building a Business in the Digital World

What one physician learned about becoming a modern medical entrepreneur:

5 Ways to Complement Marketing Automation With Human Connection

Even in the digital age, person-to-person outreach remains essential.

Now Is the Time to Set Cascading Goals

Seamless top-down flow and execution is the way to start 2020 on a successful note.

3 Ways to Market Effectively to Different Generations

Start by discarding some unfounded assumptions.